The true giving spirit


This is Marty. He’s a pretty amazing person. You’ll soon know why.

We’re holding one of Ichiro’s bats that Marty purchased at an auction many years ago while Ichiro was still playing for the Mariners. Such a cool piece of sports memorabilia!

Prior to taking this picture, Marty and I had never met.

However, he emailed me on Friday with an idea.

Marty had recently learned about my art and was doing a bit more research when he came across a post I wrote about my disabled sister, Joanna, and how big of a Mariners fan she is… and her special love for Ichiro.

Although Marty cherishes his Ichiro bat…

He really wanted my sister to have it.


At first I refused to accept it, but he insisted. Marty said that he has enjoyed the bat for so many years but, after learning how much my sister loves Ichiro, he thinks that she’ll treasure it even more.

He has no idea. When I give this bat to my sister for Christmas she is going to explode with excitement!

And to think…. We were complete strangers. He didn’t know me or my sister. He just wanted to make another person happy. That’s it.

And THAT is pretty cool. Thank you, Marty.

PS – if you see my sister, don’t tell her about this! It’s a surprise!


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