PAC-12 Championship: Game of Thrones edition



PAC-12 Championship: Game of Thrones edition

In the unforgiving crucible of collegiate warfare, UW Football stands as an indomitable force, their undefeated banner billowing ominously over twelve fallen rivals who dared to challenge their throne.

Whispers of impending glory echo throughout the purple and gold-clad kingdom as the Huskies prepared to face their most formidable foe yet—the resurgent Oregon Ducks. Having already vanquished the Ducks once, the Huskies’ confidence soared, but the air is thick with the specter of revenge as the Oregon war machine, having won every battle since their defeat, hungers to avenge their tarnished honor.

As Friday looms, the realm braces itself for a clash of titans, and the gridiron will become a battlefield where legacies will be forged or shattered.

And once the dust settles, the University of Washington will stand unbroken, their throne unclaimed, and the echoes of thirteen failed attempts will reverberate through the land, solidifying their place as the undisputed rulers of the kingdom.




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