Compassion Cures



Compassion is the fabric that connects us all. But when compassion for our fellow man ceases to exist, where are we heading as people?

Not long ago, my wife was driving home and called me. “I’ll be home soon, and I’m bringing Frank with me,” she said.

“Who?! Who is Frank?” I confusingly replied.

The rain was coming down hard that day and, as she drove across I-90, traffic began to back up. Maybe there was a car accident?

As she crept closer to cause of the backup, she saw a man staggering down the highway. People honked their horns in dismay as they veered around him, but no one bothered to stop.

If you know my wife, then you know she loves people. She stopped.

She parked her car in the lane (on the freeway!) to shield him from oncoming traffic. As she approached, she could see the brittleness of his skinny body. He was cold, wet and clearly disoriented.

She assisted him back to her car, and away they drove.

As our phone conversation continued, she vaguely told me what had just happened. After the brief call ended, my mind began to race in all the worst ways, and I started texting her.

“You just picked a random homeless person?? You might be in danger! And now you’re bringing him to our house?? Are you crazy?!“

My wife and Frank safely arrived at our house. As it turns out, Frank was an incredibly kind and humble person.

We invited him to use our shower, but he refused because he “didn’t want to get our shower dirty.” We insisted, but he insisted more.

My wife made him a sandwich, and Frank wanted to pay us with the few dollars he had (he insisted but, this time, we insisted more). We found a large duffle bag and filled it with warm clothes and a few more meals. All the while, Frank repeatedly thanked us.

This situation was a stark reminder: if we’re not on this earth to help each other – especially during times of need – then why are we here?

Let us be reminded that the act of giving is far better than receiving. In fact, on the road of life, selflessness is one of straightest paths to everlasting happiness.

Try it. Do something nice for a complete stranger in need. It just might make their day… and yours, too.



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