What is “good” art?



What is “good” art?

To me, good art It pulls you in, and dares you to looks away.

And while you’re viewing, it makes you feel: happy, sad, hopeful, angry or a plethora of other emotions – sometimes simultaneously – but it makes you feel *something*.

Good art can illustrate a thought or feeling in a way that words simply cannot. It asks questions and, perhaps, even provides answers. In way, good art acts a mirror and teaches the viewer something about themselves that they didn’t know they knew.

But most of all good art connect with you. Sometimes we cannot articulate that emotional connection, but good art embodies a sense of truth that makes perfect sense to the viewer. As if the artist is reaching inside them and conveying something that they can relate to on the
deepest level. The might not agree with the artwork itself, but they appreciate how it challenged them to think.

Identifying good art is highly subjective; no single person’s opinion is universally true. Instead, you have to define good art for yourself. Your truth is the only truth.

The fact that each person can have a completely different experience with a piece of art is what makes art so amazing. But, in the end, if you connected with the piece in any way then I think it’s good art.

So, is my drawing of Colin Kaepernick “good” art? That’s for you to decide.


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