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In this episode of ‘The UpNUp Podcast’, world renowned Artist, Creative and Philanthropist himself, Keegan Hall, takes us along a journey of truly listening to your passion and then following it.

From an early upbringing filled with a passion for the arts, along the journey there’s been many pivots and obstacles to overcome. From his days of leading a successful sales career for the Seattle Supersonics, to venturing out into the start-up world, it all eventually brought him back to his true gift/calling, which is creating art, but this time around its for a greater purpose.

Using his iconic art creations to fuel his philanthropic passions, he’s been able to raise over $600k and counting, for countless charities and people in need, and he’s only just getting started.

This story is definitely one to keep us all on #TheUpNUp

Intro – 0:00 The role ART plays in the progress of our world/society – 6:05

Early life/upbringing – 8:50

Advice for the youth on how to balance social life & passions – 14:13

Being one of the TOP ART STUDENTS in University of Washingtons Art program – 16:31

Giving up on art to go work for Seattle Supersonics after college – 22:29

Overcoming the unexpected passing of his Mother & getting inspired to get back to ART – 29:45

His process when it comes to his Pencil-Art creation style – 33:49

The Power of Social media for artists/creatives – 37:36

Raising over $600k+ for charities through his Iconic art pieces – 43:56

Keegan’s advice to his younger self – 48:31



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