Be Terrible

Be Terrible

When I first started drawing, I was terrible. I practiced every day, and drew terrible drawing after terrible drawing. I mean, these drawings were embarrassingly terrible.

However, each day my drawings got a little less terrible.
So many people dream of being great at something, but they’re afraid of being terrible. So, they quickly give up.

EVERY person who is the best at what they do was once terrible.
Michael Jordan: there was once a time that he couldn’t even dribble a basketball.

Leonardo Da Vinci: there was once a time he could only draw stick figures.

Albert Einstein: there was once a time he didn’t know how to do any math at all.

One day at a time, these guys got a little less terrible. Eventually, they became the best in the world.

But first they were terrible.

Be terrible… and give yourself a chance to become the best in the world.

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