Artists are invaluable


Artists are invaluable. Their work tells stories. Fosters creativity. Challenges the status quo. Evokes emotions. And so much more. As a society, we need art.

There are so many talented artists out there. Some have already achieved success, others who are yet to be discovered, and many who should be getting much more attention than they’re currently receiving. But one thing is for sure: artists should support each other. We can all win.

Everyone in these pictures is an amazing artist, and currently has artwork on display at Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Leilani Wong’s new restaurant, Legion Sportsbar, for you to see in person. Go check out their art.

Better yet: support them (us). Buy original art and/or prints. Share artwork on socials for others to discover. If you tag us, we’ll see it, and it’s very much appreciated.

Every little bit helps. And those “little bits” add up, which enables us to continue creating artwork that you’ll enjoy.



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