The recipe of success


There are many ingredients in the recipe of success. Some are obvious, and some are less so.

Without a doubt, Kalen DeBoer has been incredibly successful on the field but, in my opinion, it’s what he does off the field that enables that success.

Specifically, an element of success that is often overlooked and undervalued…. relationships.

Coach saw me on the sideline and stopped for a quick chat. He asked about the charity project with @themp9 and I was happy to say it was sold out.

His eyes lit up. He was genuinely happy for me, Michael and the success of the project.

Taking pride in the success of others is a massively underrated quality in a person. Especially in an age when many people are solely focused on their own achievements.

And I’m sure he feels this same genuine sense of pride for every player on the field. And they know it. And the other coaches know it. And all bonds strengthened as a result.

Strong relationships are an “x factor” that have a positive ripple effect on and off the field. It was draws new recruits to *want* to play at UW, and it’s what fuels current players to play even harder.

And it all starts at the top.


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