Magic is Something You Make

“Magic is something you make.”

A statement that has had a profound effect on me. In fact, I believe in this statement so much that I had it tattooed on my chest (it’s written in Leonardo da Vinci’s handwriting, who was also left-handed and would often write backwards so you’d need mirror to read the text). This tattoo acts as a daily reminder that, well, magic… is… something… you… make.

“Magic” could be just about anything, but it represents the absolute BEST. Think about when you see someone who is SO good at something that it’s almost unbelievable.  The basketball player who gets hot and can’t miss a shot; the smart kid in class who knows everything about a given topic; the musician who plays their instrument flawlessly and with seemingly little effort.  The only way to describe what you’re seeing is “magic”… they’re THAT good.

“Is something” …it’s real, tangible, undeniable. The “magic” … “is something”… that, although it doesn’t seem possible, you’ve witnesses it for yourself and can now confirm it’s not only possible, but it happened.  It’s a real thing.

But here’s the most important part of the statement: “you make.” These seemingly impossible outcomes are the result of someone making them.  Someone who takes the initiative and refuses to give up until they become the best they can be.  Someone who perseveres during the tough times when they want to give up and, instead, remains focused on their goal.  That’s how you make magic.

Magic certainly isn’t made on its own.

Magic is something YOU make.


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