The Future Looks Bright


This is Noah. He’s a pretty special kid. You’ll soon know why.

Last night I attended my first ever Boston Celtics game.

Noah happened to sit next to me. I didn’t know him before this moment.

As it turns out, Noah is a SUPER fan. He knows every player, their stats, and much more. His knowledge was impressive.

Did I mention he’s only 7-years-old?

But that’s not the most amazing part of this story.

During a timeout the Celtics players threw t-shirts into the crowd.

If you’ve attended a sporting event then you know that people freak out and will push and shove just to get a free shirt. So, the chances of a kid catching one are essential zero.

However, luck was on Noah’s side.

After bouncing off the hands of several people, the shirt landed in Noah’s lap.

Can you imagine his excitement?! You’d think he just won the lottery as he beamed with happiness!

But what happened next blew me away.

He looked at me and said, “this is your first Celtics game, and I want you to have the shirt.”


I begged him to keep the shirt, but he insisted. And when a kid insists you accept his shirt… YOU ACCEPT HIS SHIRT!

As the game went on, I couldn’t get this gesture out of my mind.

Why give the shirt to me? After all, I’m a complete stranger, and he’s a huge Celtics fan. I had many possible explanations.

But in the end, the answer was simple: he cared.

He wanted to share his team with me, and make my first game memorable. The fact that he has this level of empathy is incredible.

But more than that, it gave me hope: if we’re raising kids like Noah, then our country has a VERY bright future.

And it’s quite symbolic that the shirt reads “FOR LIFE.” Of course it means “a Celtics fan for life” but, to me, it stands for something far more significant.

Noah’s gesture is exemplary of all that is good in people. The act of giving, and the reciprocal feeling of appreciation is one of the most rewarding exchanges in humanity.

It’s the personification of love, and the foundation of leading a happy, fulfilling life. It’s quite literally FOR LIFE.

And to think, a 2nd grader whom I’ve never met delivered this message…

He’s a special kid, indeed.

And that’s a message worth sharing.

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