Never Give Up


Today I woke up not feeling well. On any other day that wouldn’t really be a big deal.  But today is race day. No excuses.

I’ve been training hard for the past five months to complete the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon, and I’m in the best shape of my life.  Although I’ve done many other marathons in the past, this one is different.  It’s the first race since my mom’s passing, and I wanted to run an amazing race for her.

Needless to say, this race was pretty difficult considering how I was feeling.  I battled stomach pain for virtually the entire 26.2-mile course. Although in pain, quitting never crossed my mind.  Not once.  When I think back to all the radiation and chemo treatment that my mom endured during her fight with cancer, this particular challenge was but a bump in the road in comparison. My motivation and determination was at an all-time high.

None of us are immune to challenges in life.  They’re inevitable.  But complaining and/or quitting is not a solution.  Instead, we must face each challenge head-on, no matter how difficult, and do our best to overcome.  It’s our reaction to those challenges which will ultimately determine our fate.

I’ve always tried to bring a positive mindset to each challenge that I face.  I find it to be much more productive, and allows me to think deeper about the various approaches to solving a particular problem.

This challenge was no different.  I tried to block out the physical pain and, instead, replace it with a positive, determined mindset.  It’s amazing how powerful the mind can be, and how much influence our thoughts have over how we feel – physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

I spent much of my time running remembering the great times spent with my mom.  Those thoughts brought me to tears on several occasions, but also seemingly carried me through much of race.

I definitely wasn’t out there alone.  My angel helped me battled each of the 26.2 miles, and ultimately carried me across the finish line.  I wish I could have run a better race but, all things considered, I’m happy with my time and performance.  I did my best today, and that’s all I can ask.


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