Wow. Totally speechless. Kam Chancellor has taken a liking to my art, and continues to post about it (his post of my drawing on Instagram has gotten more “likes” than any of his other pictures, which is mind-blowing to me). He’s single-handedly putting me on the map, and requests for my drawings have been flooding in… including from other Seahawks who want a drawing of their own. It’s just crazy.

Man, I’m so grateful for this guy, and what he’s done for me. He didn’t have to do any of this.

Just goes to show that you never know how big of an impact you can have on another person’s life. Something that seems insignificant to one person (like posting a drawing on social media) can have a massive ripple effect on another person life. Obviously Kam is a “celebrity” so his reach is far greater than the average person, but it still makes me examine my own life and how I can impact others. Whether it’s family, friends or even a complete stranger, we all have the power to positively affect another person, and we should each embrace the opportunity to do so… even if appears to be insignificant to us. You never know; you just might change someone’s life.

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