Fan Giveaway

To celebrate 100 years of live mascots at UW, I teamed up with the University of Washington to create a limited-edition print of Dubs, the school’s mascot.

The Dubs prints are 12″ x 18″ and were given away to the first 20,000 Husky fans at the homecoming game against Stanford on September 24th.

Unforgettable. That’s the only way I can describe this past week.

I’ve worked on projects with a lot of organizations, and UW is absolutely top-tier. From our very first meeting, it was clear they wanted to create something special for UW Football fans. But even more than that, I felt like they wanted to create something special for me, too, which totally caught me by surprise. And, boy, did they deliver.

The project featured lots of content elements that we created throughout the week including videos with Coach DeBoer, Dubs, photoshoots, and much more. Each one was so fun to create, and I so impressed with the final results. UW’s content team is a bunch of magicians!

All of that work led up to the “finale” on Saturday night: UW vs Stanford. The evening started with a pre-game signing session and, as soon as the stadium doors opened, fans lined up.

It was so amazing to connect with my fellow Huskies and hear how excited they were about the giveaway. “I love the drawing!”….“This is going in my office!”… Thank you for doing this!”… “I’m surprising my grandson with this!”… Heck, even Stanford fans were in line! Everyone had a unique story to share, and I loved hearing them. I signed for nearly two hours before we had to cut the line off because the game was starting.

The evening culminated with an on-field recognition. Over the years, I’ve watched so many games at Husky Stadium, but it’s totally different when you’re on the field and everyone is watching you!

But what made the moment so special was sharing it with my wife and daughter. They are my everything, and I love that they got to be on the field with me.

I had many friends attend the game, too. Some traveled a long way to be there, and meant a lot to share the night with the people who I care deeply about.

Needless to say, I was so proud to represent my school, and it was so rewarding to see that the project was so wonderfully embraced by my fellow Huskies.

Huge shoutout to Chris Hein and his team for being so incredible and putting together such a fantastic project.

The entire experience was simply… unforgettable.


Didn’t get a print at the game?  

The match day meet-and-greet.

UW Football's Head Coach, Kalen DeBoer, reaction!!

The making of…

The hidden image within the drawing…

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