Kelly Slater


Size: 18″ x 12″

Paper: high-quality 130# Sterling


Capturing the essence of oceanic prowess and the zen mastery of surfing, Keegan’s  hyper-realistic pencil drawing is an awe-inspiring tribute to the legendary professional surfer, Kelly Slater. The artwork immerses viewers in the heart of the action, skillfully rendering a moment frozen in time as Slater effortlessly conquers a colossal wave.

The hyper-realism of Hall’s technique is immediately apparent, with every intricate detail meticulously brought to life through the delicate strokes of the pencil. The play of light and shadow on the glistening water creates a palpable sense of movement, evoking the raw power of the ocean. The foam and spray of the crashing wave are rendered with such precision that they seem to leap off the paper.

At the center of this masterpiece is Kelly Slater, an icon of the surfing world. Hall captures Slater’s likeness with astonishing accuracy, from the subtle muscles tensing in his arms to the focused determination in his eyes. Slater’s poise on the surfboard is a testament to his unparalleled skill and confidence, navigating the colossal wave with a seemingly effortless grace.

The wave itself is a breathtaking spectacle — a towering wall of water frozen in time, curling and crashing with an almost tangible energy. The dynamic composition draws the viewer into the heart of the action, conveying the sheer force of the ocean and the symbiotic relationship between surfer and wave. The contrast between Slater’s calm composure and the tumultuous nature of the wave creates a captivating visual tension.

This drawing transcends the limitations of the pencil medium, inviting viewers to feel the rush of the wind, taste the salt in the air, and hear the thunderous roar of the wave. It is a celebration of skill, beauty, and the harmonious dance between man and nature.

The creation process

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