#KEEGAN200: Shaquill & Shaquem Griffin


Size: 12″ x 18″

Paper: high-quality 130# Sterling

Each print is hand-signed and numbered by Keegan Hall, Shaquill Griffin and Shaquem Griffin


***100% of proceeds will be donated to charity.***

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A message from Shaquill & Shaquem:


Giving back to our community has always been important to us, and we’re excited to team up with Keegan to do just that.  We have selected two great organization that are doing amazing work.  Our goal is to continue inspiring, educating and supporting people and organizations that focus on helping others.


Together, we can – and will – make a positive impact in our community and beyond, and we hope that you’ll join us by support this campaign.


Benefitting organizations:

We were lucky. We were raised in a healthy, stable home by two wonderful parents.

Everyone is not as fortunate. While many people take for granted having a roof over their head, the truth is, many do not. Sadly, the community we grew up in is filled with individuals and families who lack proper housing and the simple necessities of life. St. Vincent de Paul Cares works to change that.

Their mission is to end homelessness and to further improve the overall quality of life in our community. We aspire to be part of this mission and to help as many people as possible, regardless of their past and other barriers, find suitable and affordable housing. Learn more


Teaching the Black Freedom Struggle Initiative, from the Zinn Education Project (coordinated by Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change)

As we have grown older and been fortunate to experience many things, we have come to understand that too many of the lessons we were taught in school do not adequately represent the truth. The educational system and the current literature fail to discuss the real struggle as well as the amazing perseverance of black people. This program changes that. Through books, like Teaching for Black Lives, as well as teacher study groups, education, podcasts, and online classes, people can become educated on the true history of our country and the many contributions of black people. Importantly, we cannot move forward without understanding where we came from. This program empowers teachers and schools to properly educate our youth on the true history of our country and provides the resources to do so in a manner that creates a better future for all.  Learn more

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