Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks


Size: 18″ x 12″

Paper: high-quality 130lb Sterling

• $70 – hand-signed by artist
• $40 – printed signature


Original: SOLD to Kam Chancellor and currently displayed at Legion Sports Bar in Bellevue, WA


Full circle moment!!

But first…. If you’re not familiar with my journey back to art, my guys Kam and Richard were pivotal!!

Kam has been one of my biggest supporters since day one, and was the first person to bring my art to a large audience. He and his wife, Tiffany, have commissioned several pieces over the years, and I’m forever grateful for their continued support!!

Richard and I teamed up on my first EVER charity project (#KEEGAN200). At the time, it was an unproven idea, but he and his wife, Ashley, took a chance on me. The result: the signed prints sold out on the first day, and we raised $40,000 for Blanket Coverage Foundation. So thankful for both of them, and giving me that opportunity.

Now, full circle… A few months ago my guy Kam reached out, and told me about the new restaurant – Legion – that he and Richard are opening. We met at the new space (which was under construction at the time), and selected a few areas to feature some of my art.

But more than that, he wanted to commission an original piece for the new restaurant, which now has a permanent home in the restaurant.

From working with these guys in the very beginning… to having a chance to work with them again… Maaan, I’m so grateful to Kam and Richard for bringing my art into their new restaurant.

The creation process

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