Jimi Hendrix

Rock Legend


Size: 12″ x 18″

Paper: high-quality 130lb Sterling

• $70 – hand-signed by artist
• $40 – printed signature


Original: SOLD


In Keegan Hall’s mesmerizing hyper-realistic pencil drawing of Jimi Hendrix, the legendary guitarist comes to life with an astonishing level of detail and artistry. The portrait captures a moment of candid joy as Hendrix flashes a radiant smile, his eyes reflecting a mixture of charisma and the soulful intensity for which he is renowned.

Jimi’s iconic presence is heightened by the meticulously rendered details in the drawing, showcasing Keegan’s exceptional skill. Every stroke of the pencil is a testament to the artist’s dedication to capturing the essence of Hendrix’s personality and style. The play of light and shadow on Jimi’s face is so precise that it seems as though he might step out of the frame at any moment.

The focus on Hendrix’s attire adds an extra layer of complexity to the composition. His jacket, adorned with intricate embroidery on the sleeves, is a testament to Keegan’s mastery of texture and pattern. Each stitch is painstakingly recreated, creating a visual feast for the viewer’s eyes. The jacket itself becomes a canvas within a canvas, showcasing not only Jimi’s fashion sense but also the artist’s ability to render minute details with uncanny precision.

The subtle curls of smoke from the cigarette that Jimi holds between his fingers add a dynamic element to the scene. The wisps of smoke dance in the air, echoing the free-spirited nature of Hendrix himself. The inclusion of the cigarette adds a touch of rebellion, a nod to the era in which he rose to fame.

Keegan’s hyper-realistic depiction of Jimi Hendrix goes beyond mere portraiture; it’s a celebration of a musical icon and a visual journey into the intricacies of his character. The drawing stands as a testament to the artist’s talent in capturing not just the physical likeness but the soul and spirit of the legendary musician.

The creation process

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