King Felix

Seattle Mariners


Size: 12″ x 18″

Paper: high-quality 130lb Sterling

• $70 – hand-signed by artist
• $40 – printed signature

ORIGINAL: Owned by Felix Hernandez


The pencil drawing portrays Felix Hernandez, the Seattle Mariners’ ace pitcher, in a stunning and dynamic pose, and is in the middle of his follow-through. The perspective of the drawing places the viewer in the batter’s box, and Felix’s pitch seems to be hurling towards them, creating a sense of motion and energy in the piece.

His expression is intense and focused, with his eyes fixed on the target as he unleashes his pitch. The details on Felix’s jersey, cap, and glove are meticulous, with every stitch and crease carefully rendered in pencil. The blur effect on the ball as it approaches the viewer adds a sense of realism and movement to the drawing.

The overall effect is a stunning and immersive portrayal of a professional athlete in action, captured with incredible skill and attention to detail.

The creation process

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