Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters


Size: 12″ x 18″

Paper: high-quality 130lb Sterling

• $70 – hand-signed by artist
• $40 – printed signature


In this stunning pencil drawing by artist Keegan Hall, we see Dave Grohl, the frontman of the Foo Fighters, playing guitar on stage in front of a massive audience. His eyes are closed and his head is tilted back, lost in the music he is creating.

The level of detail in the drawing is incredible, with every aspect of Grohl’s appearance captured with precision. From the slight curls of his hair down to the scratches on the stage floor, every element is rendered with a lifelike quality.

What really sets this drawing apart, however, is the sense of emotion and energy that it captures. Despite being a still image, you can almost feel the movement and power of Grohl’s performance. The angle of his head and the tilt of his guitar create a sense of dynamic motion, while the expression on his face conveys the pure joy and passion that he feels when he plays music.

The audience in the background is rendered with just enough detail to give a sense of their size and energy, but they are kept somewhat vague to keep the focus on Grohl himself. This drawing is a powerful tribute to one of rock music’s most beloved performers and an ode to the energy and emotion that live music can create.

The creation process

*Image reflects the charity campaign with Dave Grohl. The prints available on this page are not signed by Dave.

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