Seattle Seahawks


Size: 18″ x 12″

Paper: high-quality 130lb Sterling

• $70 – hand-signed by artist
• $40 – printed signature


The drawing depicts the Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson and coach Pete Carroll celebrating after winning the Super Bowl in 2014. In the foreground of the image, Russell has his right arm around Pete, and both men have big grins on their faces.

The details of their clothing, facial features, and body language are captured in intricate detail, making the drawing incredibly lifelike. The background of the stadium is slightly blurred, which adds depth to the image and emphasizes the focus on Russell and Pete’s joyful celebration. The pair are surrounded by various cameras and media personnel, adding to the sense of the momentous occasion.

The overall effect of the drawing is a stunning and evocative portrayal of a triumphant and emotional moment in sports history.

The creation process

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