Bruce Lee

An iconic and influential martial artist, actor and philosopher, Bruce Lee’s impact on culture has been immense. I had so much fun creating this drawing because of its dynamic composition, emotional elements, and spacial elements like the blurred background.


Size: 12″ x 18″

Paper: high-quality 130# Sterling

• $70 – hand-signed by artist
• $40 – printed signature




This realistic pencil drawing by artist Keegan Hall captures the legendary Bruce Lee in a scene from the iconic movie “Enter the Dragon.” The artwork, rendered in intricate detail, showcases Bruce Lee’s intense focus and unparalleled martial arts prowess.

The drawing is composed primarily of various shades of graphite, which the artist skillfully employs to create a striking contrast between light and shadow. Bruce Lee is depicted in a dynamic pose, with his muscular physique and signature jumpsuit rendered in meticulous detail. His facial expression conveys a sense of determination and concentration, as if he is about to unleash a powerful strike.

The background of the drawing features a subtle, yet atmospheric representation of the movie’s setting, with hints of traditional Chinese architecture and the faint suggestion of a dragon motif. This serves to further emphasize the connection to “Enter the Dragon” and provides a fitting backdrop for the legendary martial artist.

Keegan Hall’s expert use of shading and texture brings a sense of depth and realism to the piece, making it appear almost photographic in quality. The attention to detail in the folds of Bruce Lee’s clothing, the contours of his muscles, and the intensity of his gaze all contribute to the overall impact of the artwork.

In summary, this realistic pencil drawing by Keegan Hall is a stunning tribute to Bruce Lee and his iconic role in “Enter the Dragon.” The artist’s mastery of graphite and his ability to capture the essence of the legendary martial artist make this piece a must-have for any fan of Bruce Lee or admirer of fine art.


The creation process

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