#KEEGAN200: Michael Bennett



“Pass the ball, fat boy!”


This was something that I heard often while playing basketball as a kid.  Although I wasn’t severely overweight, it was enough of an issue for other kids to tease me about it.


Obesity has been a problem for many of my family members, but we are hardly alone.


According to the CDC, almost 35% of U.S. adults (78.6 million) are obese.  78.6 MILLION PEOPLE!  That number is truly staggering.


Obesity-related conditions including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancers, are some of the leading cause of preventable death.




But instead of getting better, the obesity epidemic continues to get worse.


And this isn’t just a problem for adults.  Since 1980, childhood obesity rates have more than tripled.


So, how can we defeat this epidemic that is now affecting our kids?


Well, one way is through Education.


We simply don’t teach our kids enough about the food they eat or its implications on their body.  Many kids have no idea that, in some extreme cases, the food they eat is slowly (and literally) killing them.


That’s unacceptable. We can do better.


Fortunately, there are folks who recognized that this issue needs urgent attention, and are working hard to make a positive difference.


The Bennett Foundation, started by Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett and his wife, Pele, has been working to raise awareness about childhood obesity and how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


I recently spoke when Michael and Pele (who are seriously two of the nicest people I’ve ever met!) about why the Bennett Foundation and its mission is so important to them. Their passion and commitment to this cause is apparent, and you can feel it when they speak.


And they don’t just talk about making a difference… they’re out there doing it.


Their Ocean Health Fest events consist of various activities to educate families and include health screenings, food demonstrations, fitness activities, and more.


Simply put, we need more of these educational opportunities to continue educating kids about the importance diet and exercise.


And that education just might save a kid’s life.


So here’s the plan:


We’re setting a goal to raise $40,000 for the Bennett Foundation to help continue educating kids on the importance of diet and exercise.


Michael Bennett and I will both sign and number 200 prints of my drawing, and they will be available for $200 each starting next Friday, June 17th at 10am at KeeganHall.com.


***100% of the money will go to charity! Yes, all $40,000 will be donated to The Bennett Foundation!***

Each print is individually signed and numbered by Michael Bennett and Keegan Hall.


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