#KEEGAN150: Jermaine Kearse


150 prints individually signed and numbered by Jermaine Kearse and Keegan Hall.  

Available for only $150 each.



$150 – SOLD OUT

The making of...


While conceptualizing the drawing for this fundraiser, I knew I wanted to create a piece of art that would not only feature Jermaine, but also embody everything that he and his foundation stands for.

If you’re a Seahawks fan then you’ll never forget Jermaine’s game-winning touchdown catch again the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. That single play is not only emblematic of Jermaine’s journey from his youth all the way to becoming a Super Bowl Champion, but also illustrates some of life’s most important lessons.

Work Hard. Persevere. Believe.

We all have off-days, and the Seahawks certainly didn’t play their best football against the Packers that day. But they continued to battle throughout the game with an unbridled determination and simply refused to give up. The belief in themselves as a team – and the collective belief in each other as individuals – remained constant throughout the entire game and, in order to even have a chance at winning, every player had to execute their responsibilities with no margin for error. A seemingly improbably task.

Yet, that exactly what happened. The Seahawks made a series of seemingly impossible plays to send the game into overtime. Then, in overtime, a play happened that will forever go down is Seahawks lore.

The team trusted Jermaine to make the play, and boy did he deliver. He somehow caught the ball with the defender draped all over him, which capped off absolutely unbelievable comeback and sent the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl. Simply unforgettable.

Work Hard. Persevere. Believe.

These are the values embodied by Jermaine and the 15 to 1 Foundation, and that’s what this piece of art represents.

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