Welcome to DREAM BIG: Anything is Possible, a partnership between the Why Not You Foundation and the King County Library System and its Foundation, made possible by JPMorgan Chase, to inspire youth to achieve their dreams and promote opportunities for access, education and support through one of the most important community resources: our libraries.


Russell and Ciara have a shared belief that has guided them throughout their lives: that anything is possible. However, believing anything is possible doesn’t simply make anything possible. Along with the belief comes hard work, perseverance and, most of all, a lot of help, support and guidance. And, that’s exactly what the program is all about – encouraging everyone to embrace the wide range of resources available through public libraries that can open up a world of possibilities and lead the way to achieving their own big dreams!

The cards

DREAMING BIG begins with a free, limited-edition, all-access library card featuring Russell or Ciara. The cards are available at all King County Library System community libraries and JPMorgan Chase Bank branches throughout King County. Once, activated, the library card provides in-library and online access to resources, programs, mentors and more available at all 48 King County Library System community libraries serving 36 King County cities and 18 school districts.

The concept

Before we be truly learn anything, we’re living in a metaphoric “black and white” world (hence each figure is drawn in pencil), and it’s knowledge that ultimately provides the color for us to understand the world around us and allows us to truly dream big.


We can acquire knowledge through a variety of ways, and a library is treasure trove of knowledge just waiting to be explored.  However, the King County Library System is about so much more than books, and they offer a plethora of resources to help us learn.  So, by leveraging the many resources at KCLS (represented as the book; the foundation of the artwork) and absorbing the knowledge that they have to offer, the world becomes a more colorful place.


That knowledge leads to new opportunities and, as we continue gaining confidence in ourself and our own abilities, we’ll soon believe that “anything is possible.”

The making of…

The creation of the artwork for two cards consisted of two phases: the pencil drawings, and the digital drawings.

Pencil drawings

Each pencil drawing took ~15 hours to complete, and was done with a single pencil.

Time-lapse videos:

Digital drawings

Each of the digital drawings also took ~15 hours to complete.


Although all of the objects appear to be “solid,” each one is actually the culmination of hundreds of individual triangles (a nod to Russell’s #3 jersey number).


In all, each card is made up of thousands of individually drawing triangles, and each was colored one at time.

The meaning of…

The objects included in each card represent different aspects of “dreaming big,” and each one is applicable to all of us in some way.


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