One drawing. One auction.

Everyone coming together to help save a life.




“Who’s got my back?! I got your back!”

We’ve all heard this chant countless times just before the Seahawks take the field.

But having someone’s back extends beyond the stadium, and into everyday life.

When I first learn about Camron Cozzi, my heart broke for him and his family.

In 2015 he was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare form of brain cancer that’s inoperable.

Just… devastating. How could this happen to such an amazing kid?

As a parent, I could only imagine what the family was going through.

What would I do if my family was suddenly placed in this same situation?

Simple… I’d do exactly what the Cozzi family is doing: ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help my child.

Fortunately, they are not alone on this journey.

Our community has rallied around this family, and has collectively declared that we will not sit back idly and watch from the sidelines.

The numerous fundraisers, outpouring of love, and never-ending support exemplifies our community’s uncompromising commitment to walk side by side with this family during this challenging time.

I want to join the fight, and I’d like you to join, as well.

I’ve team up with my friends at the Seahawks to create something truly unique.

I worked tirelessly to create the most important drawing I’ve ever done.

My original drawing, “Pro Bowlers,” features seven of the Seahawks’ Pro Bowl players: Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Michael Bennett, Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner, and Tyler Lockett.

Here’s where it gets really cool.

All seven players have HAND-SIGNED the ORIGINAL drawing!

That’s right! Russell, Richard, Kam, Michael, Earl, Bobby and Tyler… all of ‘em!

This is truly a rare, one-of-a-kind piece.

Now, we’re auctioning off this artwork on Ebay.


We need one generous buyer so please help us spread the word about this auction. Or maybe everyone at your company wants to pitch in $10 and purchase the piece to display at your office.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who purchases the artwork. Only that we raise as much money as possible for this family.

Let’s show the Cozzi family that the we are here to support them.

Who’s got my back?!  WE got your back!

PS – just wanted to say thank you to these Seahawks players. I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with these guys on other charity and community-focused initiatives, and I can tell you first hand that they’re all humble, down to earth people who truly care about giving back and helping others.  We’re lucky to have them in Seattle.


The auction has been completed, and the family has received 100% of the proceeds.  Thanks for everyone who bid on this piece of art! Your support is appreciated!


In all, over 80 hours was invested in create this piece, and the entire drawing was done with a single pencil.

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