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Final drawing: “The Woman and the Raven.” 36″x24″. Pencil on paper.


My wife wanted me to draw a picture of her for our house, but I didn’t want to simply draw a portrait of her. Instead, I wanted to explore a more artists composition that utilized light to accentuate her body.


My daughter daughter watched this piece come together and now she wants me to draw something of her! Lol. Happy wife (& daughter), happy life, right?! 🙂

Prints: unfortunately, no prints are available for this piece.


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Coming down the home stretch! Just about finished with the dress. Will then go back through the piece one more time to add even finer details and then it will be finished! ✏️

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Working my way down the dress. There’s a very subtle texture on the lower half of the dress. In fact, it’s so faint that you might not actively see it. But this is one of those small details that will really bring this piece to life!


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Finished the raven and now working my way down the body. Although the fabric is entirely black, there’s a slight reflective sheen to the fabric which contours the figure and provide shape and context. It’s subtle, but makes all the difference.

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Still building up the layers of shading on the feathers. I’m paying extra attention to capturing the softness and texture of the feathers especially since the color of the raven is so dark.

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Been adding more and more layers of shading to the raven. Lots of really dark areas, but also lots of areas where the feathers really shine. I want to capture all of the detail of the raven, and then start sharpening the details within the shading of my wife’s body.

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Since I started drawing again (last year), the vast majority of my art has been sports-related. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE sports! But I also want to explore other subjects now that back into art-mode.


Additionally, almost every piece that I’ve done has been commissioned by/for someone else.


Well, now I want to create a piece for me.


I’m very fortunate to have an amazing wife, and she’ll be featured in my next drawing.


I’m juuuust getting started! Can wait to make more progress on this piece and show you a completely different side of my art!

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