“The Captain” (PRINT)


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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 18 × .01 × 12 in

Print (digitally-signed), Print (HAND-signed)


Size: 12″ x 18″

Paper: high-quality 130# Sterling

• $70 – hand signed (signature is hand-signed by artist)
• $30 – digitally signed (printed signature)
***prints typically ship same-day

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Art can come in so many forms and, although my first love is creating with a pencil, I also enjoy exploring other mediums… including digital. I’ve done a few pieces in this “angular” style, and I really like it because it’s such a contrast from what I typically do with a pencil.

Although visually it’s very different, many of the same artistic principals and eye for detail still apply. In this piece, each of the hundreds of triangles was individually drawn and then colored (some people thought that I simply clicked a button on the computer and a program magically transformed the image into this style.


Unfortunately, the process was/is MUCH more labor intensive than that). I had to visually locate the shapes within his face, helmet, jersey, etc and, if I didn’t drawing shapes at the correct angle then, well, it wouldn’t look like Russell Wilson.


I also varied the size of the triangles to give a visual sense of depth and added detail: the shapes in his face are considerably smaller than, say, they triangles on his jersey.


Another challenge was getting the various sized triangles to seamlessly fit together into a single, unified composition. I basically created my own puzzle, which was kind of a fun exercise in itself!


Another concept that I enjoyed to exploring is the notion of taking a single, flat object and, when combined with other single, flat objects, create something new. But, in this case, simply combining the shapes would still leave the figure looking flat. To really give the figure shape, I introduced color as the means of providing depth.


I find it interesting how the slight variation in color can give such a strong sense of depth. The figure (Russell) appears to be three dimensional: his helmet looks round, his jersey wraps around his body, his arm muscles are defined, etc. But, again, only flat, colored triangles were used to achieve that effect. To me, that’s a fascinating illusion.

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