Happy birthday, MJ! And more…

Happy birthday, MJ! And more…



Happy birthday to the 🐐,, Michael Jordan!!

This drawing has literally changed my life, and opened the door to opportunities that I never thought possible (stay tuned!).
However, when I started this drawing, I merely wanted to challenge myself to create a piece of artwork that embodied a level of detail that I wasn’t sure if I could pull off.

Every day – for months – I slowly drew. Often times I’d spend hours and only make an inch of progress, and I literally thought I’d never finish.

Finally (and unexpectedly) all of those hours paid off in a big way as the drawing got shared all over the world.
However, that was never the goal. I just wanted to get better at my craft.

It’s the dedication to continual improvement, the constant pursuit of perfection, and the unwavering commitment to become the best that ultimately drove me to create this piece.

If you’re reading this, I hope you find a challenge that you’re passionate about. One that continually pushes you to get better, and reach new heights of what *you think* you’re capable of. The truth is that we’re ALL capable of doing amazing things. We just need to be bold enough to accept the challenge.

For me, challenge accepted. And I hope the same is true for you, too.



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