Final piece: Kam Chancellor

Final piece: Kam Chancellor

Final drawing: Kam Chancellor. Pencil. 14” x 22”.

This was probably the most difficult drawing that I’ve ever done. The image that Kam sent me was pretty small and may of the details were not even visible (for example, the “Seahawks” letters on his shoulder were just blurry dots), and the colors were way off because the image was edited to give it a more HDR-type look/feel. So, I had to improvise much of the detail.

I would have suggested that he select a different image for several reasons, but Kam really wanted this one because it was his first ever interception returned for a TD so there’s a sentimental attachment to this particular moment. I totally get it.

For those who follow me or Kam on Instagram or Twitter you’ve seen this drawing take shape from start to finish as I’ve posted several “process” pics and, fortunately for me, Kam has re-tweeted every single one. His immense reach has brought a lot of attention to my work, and so many new opportunities have arisen as a result. Some that I still cannot believe are real. I’ll share more with you as things progress.

I’ve thanked Kam several times for all he has done for me, but I’m not sure even he fully understands the impact he has made. He’s truly a caring person, which can be seen by all the charity work that he does, and I’m honored to have had the chance to work with him.

He gave me a very difficult image to draw, which challenged me to be my best. Hopefully I delivered. If not, The Enforcer might drop the gavel on me! So, if you see me in the hospital anytime soon then you’ll know what happened!

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