Final drawing: Seattle Storm: Sue Bird and Jewell Loyd

Final drawing: Seattle Storm: Sue Bird and Jewell Loyd



Final drawing. Seattle Storm: Sue Bird and Jewell Loyd. 15” x 23”. Pencil on paper.

This piece is going to be at the center of the Storm’s season ticket renewal campaign. Starting Friday, the only way for Storm fans to get one of these prints is to renew their season tickets. It’s actually great timing because their Season Ticket Holder Party is the following weekend, and I’ll be joining Sue and Jewell at the party to sign prints for fans. Should be fun!

I had a lot of fun with this one, but it wasn’t without it’s challenges. Drawing faces are always difficult because the facial features need to be really accurate and in perfect proportion to each other otherwise the the face will look a bit off. I definitely spend a lot of time trying to really capture the fine details in their face to really bring this drawing to life.

Additionally, there are various textures in the piece: the soft tones in the skin, the slight shine in the hair, the reflection of the materials on jersey, the dimples on the basketball, etc. I really wanted to each texture to be accurately represented.

Lastly, there was a ton of lettering in this piece! The Storm patch, “Seattle” across the chest, the numbers, the Boost Mobile logo, and the Adidas logo. The line work has to be so fine and tight and, at this size, even the slightest inaccuracy will dramatically alter how those recognizable logos are perceived.

In all, I have almost 40 hours into this piece. I tried to capture every detail so, no matter how close you get to the drawing, you’ll still see new details emerge.

I want to send a big thank you to the Seattle Storm organization for giving a chance to create a piece for their fans. I hope they like it!

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